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I Tried the ArcWave Ion Masturbator for Men Who Just Like the Tip

I received six embargoed emails the day of its pre-launch-one from WOW Tech press, two from fellow Men’s Health staffers, and three from editors at various publications asking me to write a review.

This toy was supposed to be what revolutionized masturbation for everyone with a penis. The Porsche (please read with a fancy “uh”) of masturbators, but imagine this Porsche had wings and could fly. I got the impression that buttholes, vaginas, and mouths would be obsolete with this ground-breaking technology. One hundred years from now, Earth would be overgrown with shrubbery, and animals would roam freely. Not a single human soul would exist. Men would have wasted their precious seed using the Ion and only the Ion.

Since I’ve been a sex writer, I don’t think there’s been more anticipation for a new male masturbator than there has been for the ArcWave Ion

Alas, I don’t think my dystopian future will come to fruition as the Ion is good, but not great. Given all the hype, I was disappointed. Since it costs $199, I really expected the whole world. (If anything, I only got half the world.) And I’m not in the business of recommending high-priced sex toys when there are incredible sex toys for under $50.

“The product is called the Arcwave Ion TM which is the first product in the world which has been created to intensify the male orgasm experience by using pulsating airwaves to target the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the tip of the penis. Studies have found that penises actually have the same pleasure receptors in the Pacinian as the clitoris and this plays a key role in achieving intense orgasms. Based on these findings Arcwave has created a unique and patented technology called Pleasure Air TM which optimally stimulate these receptors for a new orgasm experience.”

As you can tell from the release, the Ion exclusively focuses on the tip of your penis, specifically your frenulum, which is the sensitive area of your penis’s backside where the head meeds the shaft. You don’t really “fuck it” (i.e., thrust in and out of it) the way you do with a Fleshlight. Rather, you let your penis sit in it, pressing against the “Pleasure Air” technology, which suctions and pulses against the back head of your penis. There’s a plus and minus button so you can increase and decrease the intensity of the suctions.

The sensation was novel-I’ll give it that much. I like the fact that you can pretty much put your dick in there, not do anything except strengthen your grip so there’s more pressure, and you’ll orgasm. Whether on purpose or not, the toy edges you because it’s only focusing on one section of your penis. Since it edges you, you end up orgasming hard.

Really, the Ion is a clit sucker except for the head of your penis. If you have a sensitive head and really like to focus on just your head when masturbating, then the Ion is a solid option. The issue, for me, is that the rest of my penis wasn’t involved. Another problem is that the rubber-like material does not feel silky smooth in the way I prefer. There was a moment when the water-based lube I used with it dried up, and I thrusted, and it felt like I was getting rug-burned. (But then again, you don’t really thrust with this toy.)

It’s also loud, like a mini power drill. WOW Tech is definitely knowledgeable of its volume, which is why it has a “Smart Silence” mode, so stimulation will not start until the Pleasure Air sensor is fully covered. But once your penis is inside the Ion, it’s definitely on the louder side. I had to turn up my porn to full blast to drown it out. Thank God my roommate is quarantining at home with his family.

A pro is that clean-up is relatively easy because, unlike most masturbation sleeves, the Ion has an open top. (Plus, you can watch yourself shoot a load with this bad boy, if seeing that turns you on.)

That’s a definite pro

So what’s the final verdict? If you have a really sensitive head, just like that part of your penis stimulated, and have some spare cash under the mattress, go for it. Otherwise, go ahead and wait until ArcWave comes out with the Ion 2.0. Maybe that one won’t just stimulate your head, but will use the fancy pleasure air technology to suction your entire penis like a goddamn tornado. That’s what I’d like to see.



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